Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nuggets and big macs and fries, oh my!

I am so incredibly behind on blogging! These pictures are from last month at Mickie D's where my niece celebrated her 4th birthday party, but I had to share. She's such a ham and absolutely adorable, you can't help but smile when she's around. As I was dodging little kids running around with their faces covered in a mixture of ketchup, cupcake icing and BBQ sauce, I was able to snap a few cute pics! Look through them to find out my 4 favorite things about my 4 year old niece...

I love how she gets super excited!

And how she loves the camera!

And her tiny vampire teeth!

And her tiny leggings and frilly socks!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i was born.

This month I celebrated my 26th birthday with my crazy family at Taverna Plaka. For those of you in Atlanta, you must try this place if you've never been. Those crazy Greeks know how to party. And the food is aMAzing! We ended the night with some disco dancing...check out my video!

My 26th Birthday! from Meg Kirsic on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

meeting the coolest guy ever.

Chad and I met Sean Hannity at his book signing for Conservative VictoryAnd just as I had imagined, he was the nicest guy ever. Even though there were over a thousand people in line, he made conversation with each person, asking them what they do for a living, where they're from, what school they go to. He asked us if we were married, and then gave me a high five for being a newlywed! Unfortunately, you couldn't use your camera while he signed your book - since it would take all night to pose for a thousand pictures. But since we were aloud to take pictures from the side, I have a couple of awesome shots of him meeting random people I don't know! Oh, and please excuse the amazing pictures from the disposable camera.

Long line!
 Hannity's Tour Bus!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

boredom + bff = CRAZINESS!

What do you do in Atlanta on a Saturday night when your best friend comes to town, but payday isn't until next Wednesday? Most would suggest staying in and watching a movie. But Stef and I got bored with that too. So we decided to head over to the Dump, the new furniture store in town, and take polaroids jumping on all the furniture. And we were right. We weren't bored anymore. And for my fellow Atlantans, this "Dump" sells $10,000 couches. Too expensive for me, but fun to jump on!!

Jumpin' on beds...
 Performing on the huge pile of rugs...
Testing the sheets...
Checking for monsters...
Sexy plants...
Aww BFFs...
Miss you Steffy!