Tuesday, January 26, 2010

chew on these gum balls.

I don't like the term procrastination. I prefer interruption. I was briefly interrupted by the holidays, but I'm now back to blogging. Upon my return, I have some New Year's resolutions to share with you. I don't like that word either. Resolutions. Like I had to resolve something I did wrong. Instead I'll share with you my New Year's aspirations. More about giving myself purpose rather than fixing 2009's lack of motivation. It's about taking all the ideas crammed in my head like a million multicolored gum balls and releasing them. And why not use my blog to set my ideas free? Everyone likes gum balls.

gum ball #1: Blog more. If I can keep a journal, I can keep a blog. A few times a week at least. Stay tuned.

gum ball #2: Finish my thank you cards. There's light at the end of the tunnel. 200 thank you's later I have about 10 left. This weekend, I promise!

gum ball #3: Learn how to knit. I WILL sign up for a knitting class by next month. Scarves and hats and mittens, oh my!

gum ball #4: Catch up on scrapbooking! I'm backed up all the way to my wedding.

gum ball #5: Less TV. More reading. I read a couple chapters a day, but it's not enough. A good writer reads reads reads!

gum ball #6: A good writer also WRITES! And I need to bump that up a notch. I need to start compiling my current pieces for grad school applications. And I need to start that novel. It's not going to write itself.

gum ball #7: Take pictures. What's the point of having an amazing camera if you don't use it? That goes for polaroids, too.

gum ball #8: Build our record collection. Hit the record shops more. I WILL find a Sgt. Peppers LP. I WILL.

gum ball #9: Keep in touch. I have more friends out of state than I do in state. I need to send them notes, call them, VISIT them more!

gum ball #10: Cook more. Cook healthier. My obsession with cookbooks is growing and I want to make every recipe page by page. I'll be sure to blog about meals I love! 
I also need to use my kitchen gadgets more! I'll be sharing homemade soda and juice recipes soon!


  1. Good luck with the 10 flavored gum balls. Sounds like its gonna be a lil bit of hard work and fun thrown all together to make a big hubba bubba bubble!

  2. LOL at Fav....Luv the Hubba Bubba Bubble!
    Exceptional writing and goals, Megs....
    Lotsa Luv,