Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer goals.

The oh-so-inspiring Elsie has challenged her readers to create summer goals, so here's 10 of mine:
1. finish my summer reading list
2. successfully turn boring guest room into super fun craft room
3. make a 2011 scrapbook
4. own an 11" macbook air
5. blog once a day
6. develop a roll of film every week
7. get through all my home ec sewing projects
8. talk to all my close friends at least once a week
9. screen on the green!
10. find the time to experience more local live music

What are your summer goals? xo


  1. What a delightful list of summer goals! Mine include: learning how to make alterations on thrifted dresses, and using rhubarb in my baking. Maybe I'll follow your lead and blog it!

  2. I absolutely Luv your originality in goals to make and your Love for Life......You and Chad were meant for each other!
    Luv you,
    Mommy xoxo