Friday, August 27, 2010

always. sometimes. never.

So I'm totally stealing this from a blog I follow. But I thought it'd be fun. Comment with your own personal 'always. sometimes. never.' And have a sun-filled, bikini-wearing, moonwalk-jumping, cupcake-eating weekend. Happy Friday! xo

I Always:
  • write down things I hear if it's funny or inspiring.
  • drink chocolate milk through a straw, it just tastes better.
  • listen to extremely loud music.
  • wear too much sunscreen, at least 50 spf.
I sometimes:
  • arrive to work about 15 minutes late.
  • wear scarves in the summertime, because I get tired of waiting for winter.
  • recycle. i know, I'm trying harder.
  • backseat drive, Chad loves that about me.
 I never:
  • put ketchup on my hot dog, only mustard.
  • eat at restaurants attached to gas stations. 
  • put lemon in my sweet tea. gross.
  • stay calm during a plane ride. But I also never let that keep me from traveling. =0)


  1. I always check things by you before or right after posting them on my blog :P

  2. haha wow where do you live that there are restaurants attached to gas stations? we don't have that in New Zealand but it sounds like it would be gross! thanks for joining in =)

  3. ha usually fast food restaurants are attached to gas stations here in America. I don't care what kind of food it is, it's definitely gross! =0)