Tuesday, August 31, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things.

the new monogrammed stationary my mom got me!

my new owl potpourri holder! 

my handmade lovebirds sign in the bathroom!
my polaroid scrapbook!

the 'friends' quote book my BFF and I share!
my small but growing collection of designer penguin classics!

my new 'she &  him' LP. Love.


  1. aww i like all these things! especially she & him. i love them. also, i just did your always, sometimes, never post on my blog :] it was cute

  2. Thanks!! I know I finally got the LP and I'm insanely jealous you saw them live! I'm hoping to catch them somewhere on their tour. I love love love your always, sometimes, never post! Thank you so much for the link!! My little blog needed a boost haha! =0)

  3. hahaha you're welcome. thanks for your comment. i thought deuce might sound more appropriate than doodoo...but who knows haha. i hope you get to see she & him sometime, they really are amazing. her voice is incredible live. anyways, i love your blog and i'm glad i've found it :]

  4. I found you over on yours truly dear...your blog is super cute. I had to comment...I had a quote book in high school and I loved it. It makes me laugh every time I bring it out. My best friend and I had a whole section about the "cool losers club." So silly when I look back but we had loved it. Anyway, hi! I'm following your blog now :)

  5. Thanks Leyla!! I love that you had a quote book with your best friend! Mine is actually a quote book of the TV show "Friends" that my best friend and I send back and forth (we're obsessed with that show) but I'm totally stealing your idea - because we have some awesome quotes and we're also very cool losers haha!! =0)
    Thanks for commenting!!

  6. the stationary says mb! you should send them to me!

  7. Yep I totally stole your initials haha! I'll have to find out where my mom found those, they're super cute notecards!