Tuesday, October 26, 2010

am i one of those hoarder people?

No. There are few things that I hoard, but if it's no more than three types of things then I consider it a collection or a hobby, or an interest or an infatuation. My favorite thing to hoard: books. I love shopping for them, I love buying them and I never get rid of them. Sometimes I read them twice and sometimes I like the way they look collecting dust on my bookshelf (yes, they are neatly displayed on shelves and not scattered all over the floor like a landfill of words). I even refuse to part with my old textbooks. And I love old dictionaries and unique thesauruses.

I always felt like the word thesaurus sounded like a dinosaur. A very well-versed dinosaur.

Anyway, whenever I feel sad or bored or like I've lost my creativity in a world of confusion, I grab the first book I see and flip to a random page and read whatever it says.

Tonight, the first thing I saw was Grapefruit, a book of instructional poetry by the delightfully strange, Yoko Ono.

My edition has an intro by John Lennon.

So I flip to a random page and read.

Then the world makes sense again.


  1. Thank you, Layla! The whole book is amazing, filled with random life instructions. It's always nice to have around. =0)

  2. Love this. I am a book Hoarder as well. I have about 700 in my itty bitty house.