Thursday, October 28, 2010

rain drops and creepy baby masks.

It's been rainy in Atlanta. I heart the rain. And with Halloween just days away, it was the perfect excuse to seek shelter in the costume store. So you wanna know what cheeseball costumes Chad and I will be rocking? I'll let you know when I post my party pics this weekend. Mmmuahahaha (that's my scary voice). But I will give you a couple hints:

It's not a creepy baby. Eew.

And it's not a shark attack victim. Ha!

Happy Halloweening!! xo


  1. AH! that baby mask is terrifying! i'm glad you aren't going as that and i'll never have to see another picture of it again. :) happy halloween! i hope you have a great one!

  2. You made a better Fire-Weenie than a creepy baby-weenie....:)