Monday, November 22, 2010

like fall but not really.

I'm so ready to bust out the outerwear, tights and scarves. As of now, I only get to do this about once a week. We're averaging around the mid 70s during the day here in peachy Georgia. Tank tops on Thanksgiving? No thanks. I don't enjoy watching the leaves fall to the ground while wearing flip flops. Come on, weather. You have three days to get it together. Sigh.



  1. Ooh! I'll trade you! :) I'm moving up into another winter within a week. I would love to be warm and dancing in flip flops! But I can imagine you're ready for the change. Hope you get it!

  2. oh no! a couple weeks ago it was 90 here in los angeles - in november! it was so strange. luckily we got a "cold" front and had 50's in time for thanksgiving. i hope you get your fall soon!