Wednesday, July 28, 2010

s is for seriously, i need a vacation.

S o I should probably tell you that from now on, I will be choosing the first word of my blog post based on Jessica Hische's daily drop cap. Her typography skills rock my socks off and I'm addicted. As you can see, today's 's' is quite spectacular. In exactly 38 hours, I will be on a plane with my two besties headed to Miami for a "girls - only, Stef - is - getting - married, I - need - a - vacation - and - I - may - never - come - home" cruise trip to the Bahamas! That might mean no blogging until next Tuesday, but it also means four days and three nights of sun bathing, club dancing and alcoholic beverages. Stay tuned for the evidence of an oh-so-fun weekend! xo

PS: my new hot pink headphones! 


  1. Just come home safe and sound......Luv U......xoxoxoxo

  2. Where are your cruise pics?
    Luv u.....Mommy xoxoxo