Monday, September 20, 2010

another person's treasure.

I had such a busy weekend that I couldn't find a moment to blog. Saturday, I was visiting my parents in Cartersville to help them with a garage sale. I imagined it to be my own little personal Renegade Craft Fair haha. I was in charge of all of my childhood toys and trinkets and stuffed animals. But in my spare time, I walked around and rummaged through all of my mom and grandma's vintage things. I actually found some cute stuff!

my grandma's old suitcase

vintage mirror

talked my mom into keeping this tea set!

kept this cute picnic blanket for myself!

And this super cute vintage blender with a cover!


  1. You know I love!!! That teaset is awesome. You shoulda stole it, not convinced your mom to keep it! :D

  2. Awesome items! Don't you just love those old heavy glass blenders that come with blender cozies? :) So cool!

  3. Heather I do love! My parents are keeping it for me =0) Maybe someday I'll have enough counter space for it. lol