Thursday, September 2, 2010

working on my scrappy.

Scrappy (adj): a person who is rough around the edges, not afraid to get dirty, do something they're afraid of or do any activity that causes their heart rate to go up.

Chad and I head out first thing in the morning to pick up our niece and nephew, then off to the woods at Lake Hartwell for a long weekend of camping with Marino, BillieJo and their kiddos. Last time I went camping it was 1991, and I was wearing mismatched EG socks with baggy tee shirts tied off to the side with wave bangs. In other words, I had no idea what to pack. So I packed what I felt would get me through a blistering hot weekend in the woods: my journal, my favorite book, a fun scarf, sundresses, flip flops and other "scrappy" attire. Oh, and my cat. haha, just kidding. Nona Bug is way too spoiled to survive the wilderness.

Supposedly our campground has wifi (really roughing it), so I'm planning to be blogging my camping experiences each day of our trip. Will I survive the scrappy woods of Lake Hartwell? Stay tuned.


  1. A campground with wifi? Seriously?!? We are headed out to our weekend campground in like two minutes and considering we haven't heard from my parents - who left yesterday to snag a spot before they're all taken - I think we aren't even going to have cell service. Yes!

  2. wow i wish all the places i have to go camping for work even have cell service!! i like how you call it being scrappy. i call it being rugged. hehe :]