Monday, September 27, 2010


First, I would like to credit my mom for coining the 'Savannahversary' phrase. How cute is that. So this is my little first anniversary story... 

A few days before we went on our trip, we celebrated with my parents (and Gutter Butter). Their anniversary is just two days before ours. We cooked yummy chicken tacos, drank wine and sat around the dining room table laughing and playing Loaded Questions. Helpful tip: don't play that game with people you know well. It's not very fun knowing all the answers. lol

They got us a ton of Giada stuff - sauces, pastas, spatulas. Yum!

And these super cute, crazy-colored, mini note cards!

A few days later, before we hit the road, Chad and I exchanged gifts! I got him a bunch of movies he's been wanting.

Then he surprised me with an Oktomat lomography camera! I'll post about this again later.

And adorable little polaroid frames!

And Nona Bug loves opening presents!

A few hours later, we were on the road. Woohoo!

And when we got to Savannah, we had the best time! We found little cobblestone nooks and crannies everywhere!

And finger puppets!

Popular art schools...

Sour ice cream?

The cutest townhomes I've ever seen.

We had the most amazing dinner at the Olde Pink House. Crab stuffed grouper...mmm. Oh, and I got to wear my Anthro dress, yea!

Then we found Wet Willie, and his ridiculously strong frozen drinks.

Which resulted in Chad purchasing an Indiana Jones hat. Really.

And then we couldn't stop laughing about it.

Our short weekend ended with year-old wedding cake.

I only had one bite.

The end. Looking forward to another fun year of marriage. Just no year-old frosting. xo


  1. First of All.......Sooooo glad you had a Wonderful 1st Anniversary.....We Luv you both SO much!
    Luv the Savannahversary.......Thank you for the credit, lol!
    Looks like you both had a great time......Wish we could have been there with you guys, always a fun time on vacation with you both.

    Lots of Luv Hugs and Kisses,
    Mommy xoxoxo

  2. PS: I looked totally drunk, but really only had a couple of sips to toast you both.....LOL!

  3. Um... you TOTALLY should have gotten me a finger puppet!!!