Wednesday, September 8, 2010

working hard wednesday.

I feel poetic today. Every day at work we get an email called "thought for the day." Today's thought was the first two lines of one of my favorite poems, Dreams by Langston Hughes. So I made a tiny little piece of art with the whole poem. I hope you're having a very dreamy Wednesday. xo



  1. I wish I worked at a place that sent a positive thought every day. I've never made an ACEO but this would be cute on one of those.

  2. Thanks Leyla, I guess I take advantage of how much of a positive environment my work creates. I'm lucky to be in a creative, happy place all day =0) I've never heard of ACEO but I googled it and that's pretty cool!

    And thank you, yours truly. That means a lot. xo

  3. i LOVE this! it just became one of my favorite quotes. thanks for sharing. :)
    have a great thursday!