Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i'm a part time anthropologist.

Let's talk about my Anthropologie obsession. You're probably thinking, oh how cute - she likes to shop at Anthro. No. It's not cute. It's EXPENSIVE. And I pretty much have zero willpower when I go in there. I would be completely content to shop nowhere else but there for the rest of my life. I often wonder how people survive in cities that don't have one. Get with it, Knoxville!! 

Anyway, so I go in there for one dress. ONE DRESS. And I fall in love with three. I don't mean 'oh these are cute, I want to buy them.' I mean these dresses were MADE for my body and I need them. They were staring at me from their luxurious wooden hangers just begging to call my closet home. I honestly believe we were destined to find each other. So what did I do with my sad little writer's salary? I pondered up some excuses for why I need them. The first was obvious, Steph's rehearsal dinner. The second, I realized, I was meant to wear on my first wedding anniversary in Savannah - just 11 days away. And the last? Well, I don't think I need an excuse to wear a vintage-inspired dress with prize ribbons all over it. That one pretty much speaks for itself.

Decision time. I remembered I have an Anthro gift card at home with some leftover money on it. Get two now and come back for the oh-so-cute prize ribbon dress. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

the rehearsal dinner dress i now own.

the anniversary dress i now own.

the prize-ribbon dress i will soon own.

 So is it my obsession, or are these as cute as I think they are??



  1. they are adorable. good thing i don't have an anthro that's close to me or i might be workin the corner at nights to pay off my credit card haha. very cute, lady!!

  2. I use to have a similar obsession. I bought everything at Bass Pro Shop. Like you, I had no will power, and I would buy hundreds of dollars of merchandise on impulse. You know what that got me don't you? DEBT. I too had very little will power, but through a vigorous training program that I invented, I beat the odds. Now I can walk in and out of BPS without spending a dime. I will work with you for the low cost of free.