Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wedding week, day two.

It's day two of my wedding week and I am oh-so-excited to share...drum roll...the rockstar video.

About a year and a half ago, when we got our wedding party together, we realized that all of our friends didn't really know each other very well. So what's a fun way to spend the day and get to know each other a little better? Duh, make a music video! 

So we spent the day acting like rockstars - like that was hard haha. Chad and I were the lead singers, obviously, and my dad makes the cameo as the bad ass, cigar smoking, bandanna-wearing dude. This video opened up our reception and was a hit to say the least. Oh, how I love acting like I'm famous. lol

Every time I watch this, the smile on my face gets bigger and bigger. We have the coolest friends ever. EVER.

PS: all the guys are firefighters, including my cute hubby. Hence the bunker gear. =0) 

You might have to let it load. But I promise it is well worth it. 


Special thanks to my all-time favorite people who made this one of the most amazing memories of my entire life: BFF Stef, blue-haired JoJo, Favre Fav, my Birdman, bad ass drummer Bethy, crazy bassist Rach, Rutkowski the wild haired drummer, Justin in the avies, Tams and my mom (the amazing photogs) and my dad - best videographer and background singer ever. EVER.


  1. You know I think this is fantastic!!! YAY! So glad I got to be there for it :}

  2. I love watching this video!! : )

  3. awesome!!! it looked like you had so much fun and what a great idea to bring all your friends together!


  4. Awww, this is the BEST get to know you ever!!! Loving that you have time to post daily during your wedding week too! I hope every day is wonderful!!!!